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Reporting and how to increase sales

  • Track how many texts are made at every pipeline stage
  • Track how many phone calls are made at every pipeline stage

  • Track how many emails are made at every pipeline stage

  • Track how many Ringless Voicemails are made sent every pipeline stage
  • Track the time it takes between pipeline stages
  • Find out at which pipeline stage you’re winning or losing the deal
  • Identifying areas for improvement: By tracking the progress of clients, you can identify areas where your process can be improved. For example, if you find that a lot of clients are dropping off at the same stage, you can investigate why this is happening and make changes to your process to address the issue.
  • Allocating marketing budget more effectively: By tracking the performance of each advertising source, you can determine which ones are most effective in generating leads. This information can be used to allocate your marketing budget more effectively.
  • Optimizing the sales process: By tracking the number of touches each client needs for a sale, you can determine how often you need to contact them. This information can be used to optimize your sales process and increase your closing rate.
  • Making better decisions about marketing, sales, and operations: By tracking the results of your marketing and sales efforts, you can gain valuable insights into how to improve your business. This information can be used to make better decisions about your marketing, sales, and operations.


This Mortgage brokerages pipeline in the Table below is the data we push out everytime a pipeline stage is moved

So heres where the data becomes super interesting. Most software can only offer you one or the other. They can show you where the leads were in a pipeline and how often they were contacted and when the sale was made. Or they can show you how the lead was brought into the system. By combining both sides into a single data set we can start to show true sales data down to the second. Which individual ad platform from youtube to ticktok is the most profitable because now besides showing cost per click we can show closed deals and revenue. We can track your seo metrics and find out which words are really converting into dollars and over what length of time. If a mailer or company van has a telephone number on it we can track each individual source thats called in to find exactly where that lead came in from. “Normally you can never track leads from phone ins automatically”

How we can dive deep into tracking a leads progress

Direct Connection to all your social accounts

By building direct connections with 64 softwares were able to pull more data than traditionally available all in one place

The power of data

By collecting all this additional data were able to give you the opportunity to retarget with more accurate results, by pushing the sales data out from the CRM we can see exactly which ad sets are the most profitable based on real closing data. How long it takes each sales rep to close a deal on average and how many touch points.

We connect all your third-party platforms to a single place to store, combine, and integrate data through APIs. Advertising platforms like Facebook Ads can provide a lot of different information about leads, such as 616 different pieces of data from when a single lead enters the platform.

Here is the list of data available from direct API with Facebook

If the salesperson is hitting all their activities like they should be but they’re not making the sales. From a coaching perspective, its possible to identify areas for improvement by reviewing their data then their recorded phone conversations. This can be done by listening to the conversations and identifying specific areas where the salesperson can improve their tone of voice, questions, answers, and closing technique. With the step by step break down by pipeline stages you can solve which stage could be improved.

You can easily create training materials for your business by listening to the sales calls from your top salespeople. These calls can provide insights into best practices and techniques that can be used to improve sales performance of your entire company.

Now Overtime if you have multiple users and sales people we take this data for each of the sales people and turn it into brokerage averages. This gives your sales team bare minimums of what they should be hitting. It also shows you the profitability per user in real time especially if you’re paying salaries and if you’re paying for their leads.

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